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Mars Area Primary Center

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Staff Directory 2022-2023

Main Office

Principal – Mrs. Jessica Semler - [email protected] 

Secretary – Mrs. Anji Gustafson – [email protected] 
Secretary — Mrs. Stacy Petruzzelli - [email protected]
School Counselor – Mrs. Angela McCoy - [email protected]
School Nurse – Ms. Amy Rodgers - [email protected] 
Custodianto be determined

First Grade

Mrs. Christine Boeh - [email protected]
Ms. Madison Davis - [email protected] 
Mrs. Emily Diani - [email protected]
Mrs. Christine Duff - [email protected]
Mrs. Melissa Fox - [email protected]
Mrs. Greta Huggins - [email protected]
Mrs. Susan McElheny - [email protected]
Mrs. Michele McKee - [email protected]
Mrs. Jessica Raible - [email protected]
Mrs. Heather Rhea – [email protected]
Mrs. Maria Rios - [email protected]
Mrs. Kiley Shine - [email protected]
Mrs. Cami Shuck - [email protected]


Mrs. Stephanie King - [email protected]
Mrs. Rebecca Lumpp – [email protected]
Mr. Matthew Richards - [email protected]
Mrs. Kim Schuelke - [email protected]
Mrs. Julie Wahl - [email protected]


Mrs. Megan Burrows - [email protected] 

Health & Physical Education

Ms. Sara Coon - [email protected]

Library/Media Studies


Mrs. Adrianne Vandevort - [email protected]


Ms. Shelley Zoelle - [email protected]


Mrs. Adrianne Vandevort - [email protected]

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Mrs. Melissa Steiner - [email protected]



Mrs. Jessica Kozar - [email protected] 


Special Education/Gifted Education

Mrs. Ashley Eldridge - [email protected]
Mrs. Dana Paolini - [email protected]
Ms. Megan Rominski - mrominsk[email protected]
Ms. Jordyn Wyllie - [email protected] 

Speech/Language Support

Mrs. Katie Gannon - [email protected] 

Reading Lab

Mrs. Sasha Zavacky - [email protected]


Title I

Ms. Kelly Bjalobok – [email protected]


Mrs. Rebecca Crum-Reinsel – [email protected]

Mrs. Kim Gold – [email protected]

Mrs. Linda Friedline - [email protected]
Ms. Jennifer Fulmer - [email protected] 

Mrs. Kelly Mansfield - [email protected]
Mrs. Cindy McCaul - [email protected]
Mrs. Amber Nailler – [email protected]
Mrs. Kirsten Peterson – [email protected]

Mrs. Sherry Pidgeon - [email protected] 

Mrs. Preetha Ramanathan - [email protected]

Mrs. Kathleen Sigmund - [email protected]